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I missed you! I know it feels like I’ve been popping in and out like a deadbeat lately, but I PROMISE it’s with good reason. You know I couldn’t let the year end without sharing some major life updates! So, in this full circle year-end episode, I share: the 5 major lessons I learned in […]

43. 2021: The Year of Permission


Issa summer series, Sis! We are kicking off our first ever summer series with photoshop Extraordinaire, Symone Seven! Symone is sharing the inside scoop about: her pivot from Photographer to Photoshop Content Creator her infamous Disney Princess Series that went viral last year how she’s maintained momentum and capitalized on all her media attention Check […]

35. Behind the Camera: Photoshopping Your Dreams Into a Reality with Symone Seven


What’s up y’all?! It’s been sooo long since I’ve recorded a solo episode, like almost two months, which is crazy. But seeing as this episode falls on my birthday, I HAD to go solo and share just how much I’ve grown over the last year. Currently it’s April 22nd, 4 days before my 23rd birthday, […]

27. IT’S MY BIRTHDAY: Celebrating Big Milestones, Lessons, and More!


What’s up y’all, we’re back with another episode of The Boujee Boss up Podcast! Today we are going to be talking about motivation, and not in the way you might think. Oftentimes, when people talk about achieving certain goals, they mention motivation or their “why”. Let me tell you why “your why” doesn’t matter: there […]

7. Why Motivation is Irrelevant in Goal-Setting