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Hey babes, I am back in action after an eventful spring break, and I’m diving into: what happened after I accomplished a lifelong dream why high-performing people often minimize their accomplishments what to avoid when celebrating your success It’s time to activate the next phase, sis!   Links Mentioned How I Went From Call Center […]

What Happens After Your Dreams Come True?

Season 3

Still going strong in the #MarchMediaMarathon series with Talk Show Host, Tiana Heath, where she shares: reoccurring themes for WOC to look out for in the media industry the inspiration behind her show, Tee Talks her biggest pet peeves when it comes to people reaching out for guidance   Check out the video interview below! […]

Important Conversations in Media with Tiana Heath | March Media Marathon

Season 3

Still kicking it with the #MarchMediaMarathon, and today we’ve got Deja Monee on talking about: the difference between #PublicRelations and #Marketing  the biggest lesson she’s learned since launching her own agency a good action step you recommend for women looking to break into the media industry   Check out the video interview below!   More […]

Progressive Disruption in Media with Deja Monee | March Media Marathon

Season 3

Let’s guard our focus, babe! We are closing out the #OvernightExecutiveSeries in this final installment, where I share:   • the difference between gratitude and complacency in your current state • what you need to do when you’re not ready • what you can expect from me in the near future (hint, hint)   Watch […]

Becoming THAT Girl… Internally: How to Guard Your Focus | Overnight Executive Series Part 3

Season 3