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I missed you! I know it feels like I’ve been popping in and out like a deadbeat lately, but I PROMISE it’s with good reason. You know I couldn’t let the year end without sharing some major life updates! So, in this full circle year-end episode, I share: the 5 major lessons I learned in […]

43. 2021: The Year of Permission


What’s up y’all, welcome back to another rare solo episode of The Boujee Boss Up Podcast! First things first, Happy Memorial Day to all those who have given up their life to serve our country. I salute you for your service, and may you eternally rest in peace!   Today I wanted to talk about […]

32. Family Ties: What Role Should Your Loved Ones Play in Your Business?


#BetterTogether right?! In today’s episode, Nikki Branch and I talk about:   the importance of sisterhood in entrepreneurship how to recognize when it’s time to let go of toxic people how CBD and community tie in together…   Listen to this one with your favorite Boujee sis!   Also available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google […]

22. Choosing Your Sister Circle with Nikki Branch