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Join the tribe of women who are cultivating both reputable and profitable brands! You’ll learn, you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll do all the things in this luxurious safe space that I’ve created just for you. So get comfy, Boujee Boss! We’ve got a lot to unpack.

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This podcast is for women ready to boss up in their career, their relationships, and their self-development!

Media Coach, Educator, Road Rager, Nerd, and Glamaholic are just a few words to describe the complex (but not really) being that is myself! I love sleeping, eating bread and cake, watching documentaries and ordering things I don’t need online. I hate salad, fluff, and running - it’s just not my ministry (my asthma inhaler can second that notion). But most importantly, I am here to serve you and hold your hand through your bomb transformation. Let the level up begin!

I’m Khala - your podcast hostess and HBBIC (Head Boujee Boss In Charge, duh!)

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"Omg this is one of the best podcasts I've encountered in a long time. It's informative yet not boring to listen to. I love that each topic keeps my attention. Quick tips to someone to whose starting out into their brand/business. Worth listening every week."
— Amber A.

"I came across this podcast just in time! It definitely was an encoragement to me as an entrepreneur who's starting a new journey. I love how her topics reming you to keep going! I'm looking forward to hearing more.    " 
— Brittany D.

"Love this podcast! I binge listened to 10 episodes today and was left so inspired by Khala and her words. She gives you so many great thought-provoking questions and action steps in each episode I was hooked after the first one I listened to. I feel confident to tackle my own branding issues now and can't wait to see my business grow!"
— Kirstie C.

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