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Let’s get this schmoney, babe! We are keeping the momentum going with this action-packed #OvernightExecutiveSeries installment, where I share:   • how I juggled 2 internships with a full-time job • how to optimize your job hunt to attract high-quality leads (spoiler: I didn’t have to apply for my current role) • how to crush […]

How I Went From Call Center Rep to PR Executive in FIVE Months | Overnight Executive Series Part 2

Season 3

Welp. You I had to do it. In this cringy reality check of an episode, I uncover: the signs that indicate when to let go in the different areas in your life quick solutions you can implement to start your healing process a personal storytime about the hardest bridge I had to burn…   Watch […]

Sometimes You Need to Burn the Bridge

Season 3

 Issa birthday special! That’s right, we are celebrating one full year of The Boujee Boss Up Podcast! But this won’t be the big kumbaya moment of favorite memories you would imagine… because I f**ked up my business, and now it’s all over. You definitely need to tune into this!   Watch the video below: […]

The End of an Era: I Quit Brand Consulting.

Season 3

Issa free ticket to Dreamville, Sis! We are keeping the ball rolling with our value-packed summer series that features, Podcast Queen, Ashley Leggs this week! Ashley is sharing: how she went from overwhelmed and overlooked corporate mule to successful entrepreneur the necessary tasks that need executing to accomplish your dreams the biggest challenge she’s faced […]

Speaking Your Way to Dreamville with Ashley Leggs

Season 2