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I missed you! I know it feels like I’ve been popping in and out like a deadbeat lately, but I PROMISE it’s with good reason. You know I couldn’t let the year end without sharing some major life updates! So, in this full circle year-end episode, I share: the 5 major lessons I learned in […]

43. 2021: The Year of Permission


Whew, we’re kicking off the fall season with some piping hot cider, babe! In this very controversial episode, I uncover: the true definition of imposter syndrome real life examples of imposter syndrome vs. inadequacy  an exercise designed to help you pinpoint what your own strengths and weaknesses are  Watch the episode below!   Links Mentioned […]

40. Is it Imposter Syndrome or Are You an Imposter?


It’s time to make some social impact, Sis! Today we’ve got Communications, Culture, & Social Impact Strategist, Stephanie Young, joining the series, and she’s speaking all about: what it was like being in Cape Town during it’s transition from Apartheid to Democracy her journey to becoming Executive Director of When We All Vote, Michelle Obama’s […]

37. Creating Progressive Social Impact with Stephanie Young


Issa Fashion showdown, Sis! Today we’ve got renowned Fashion Publicist Nyesha Rose on the show dropping game on: mistakes to avoid when trying to break into the fashion industry how to pitch yourself confidently without overstepping boundaries her upcoming children’s clothing line, Rosebud Les Enfants Get ready to work the runway, girl, this is one […]

34. Fashion Fortunes and Faux Pas with Nyesha Rose